McLane Middleton partners with clients in a way that each case meets the client’s unique needs. We resolve family law issues in a variety of ways, including: litigation, negotiation, mediation, mediation coaching, collaborative law and consultation services.

Our approach attempts to minimize your legal costs by addressing critical and sensitive personal matters promptly and effectively. We will understand your goals and concerns, implement measures to avoid problems, and promptly resolve issues that do arise.

The Family Law Group at McLane Middleton handles all aspects of family law including: divorces involving interests in businesses, trusts, retirement accounts, real estate and issues of child support and alimony.

McLane Middleton’s family law attorneys are skilled litigators and practitioners of collaborative law, mediation and negotiation, as well as drafting prenuptial agreements. Our knowledgeable attorneys will listen to your concerns, understand your goals, and ensure that your best interests are protected.

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